A Hand Wearable IMU Sensor Mount.


Overview of Technology

The hand mount is a wearable solution to track hand and wrist motion that uses IMU's to track movements during athletic or work related tasks.


The quantitative tracking of hand and wrist movements can be difficult to measure. For golf, current golf sensor solutions require the golfer to wear a golf glove to mount a sensor.

Technology Description

This technology allows for the connection of inertial measurement units and other sensors to the user's back of their hand to measure hand and wrist motion. The wearable mount doesn't interfere with or adversely affect the handling and use of objects, sports equipment and tools. This invention can be used with or without a golf glove, is lightweight and doesn't interfere with holding or swinging the golf club. The hand mount system can be worn by any golfer and allows golfers to measure and track their hand path and infer golf club movements during the golf swing. The hand-mount locks in a sensor that can be used to measure hand, wrist and arm motion during industrial tasks, work activities and other sports.


  • Lightweight
  • Doesn't interfere with activity


Individuals of all ages can wear the hand mount, which is lightweight and hypoallergenic. The hand mount can be used during various activities and tasks that require the holding of an object and is used to track the hand and wrist moment


This technology is in the TRL-6, prototype stage.